Our family-run business – founded in 1906 – is characterised by professional simplicity: this means we are a skilled, firmly-grounded partner.

Innovation in 1906

Helmich Fuite was the founder of Gebrs. Fuite. As a baker in the early 1900s, he searched for a solution for milling grain when the windmill was not operating. A mechanically-driven milling machine was introduced to operate the millstones. This enabled him to provide a constant supply of flour for the bakery. The first animal feed was still a by-product of the bakery. However, this was soon replaced by specific animal feeds. After World War Two, Gebrs. Fuite functioned temporarily as a trading entity. In 1980, the company resumed in-house production in a new factory.

Start production liquid feed for young animals

Over the years Gebrs. Fuite has become an international feed producer. In 2012, we opened an ultra-modern ‘food proof’ production site in Kampen. Here, we produce various liquid animal feeds under the name Liprovit. The feed is packed with proteins and vitamins and is prepared using unique methods. Liprovit produces products that make a significant difference.

A new factory

In 2016, we started the new-build construction of a fourth factory in Genemuiden. This will be ultra-modern and will provide new opportunities for processing cereals and developing calf feed. This aligns perfectly with our current and future strategy of continual investment so that stock farmers can maximise their yields.




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