Gebrs. Fuite has always been an innovative company. Boldly responding to new developments is a cornerstone of our strategy. We approach challenges in respect of new formulas, new legislation, the acquisition of knowledge, or investments in production full of enthusiasm so that we remain a leader in the future.

Separate production

Gebrs. Fuite produces various kinds of animal feed in three factories. We deliberately chose to separate production to prevent ‘contamination’ with feeds for other animal groups. With ten identical production lines, we produce multiple feed types simultaneously. In consultation with stock farmers, we produce both ‘standard’ feed, as well as customised feed tailored to the needs of their livestock. Production runs continuously for six days a week. There is an exceptionally strong focus on hygiene across the whole business. Cleaning and tidying is part of everyone’s daily tasks.

Quality guaranteed

We monitor the quality of raw materials and end products constantly. Gebrs. Fuite is aware of the risks. The quality of the end product starts with a good selection of raw materials and reliable suppliers. We know our suppliers personally and we are members of SecureFeed. This organisation screens
suppliers in respect of quality and reliability. Gebrs. Fuite possesses comprehensive food safety certification. We adhere strictly to the relevant regulations. We use a single software package, which includes the track & trace system. We are able to ascertain all end product details within an hour. We test both our system as well as our staff members every year with a track & trace exercise.



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