Our range includes a variety of sheep and lamb feeds.

You will find a brief summary below.

Sheep pellets: General compound feed to supplement the forage. Fuite sheep pellets are an excellent maintenance feed for ewes. They can also be used as a supplementary feed during leaner periods.

Sheep pellets HE: Compound feed with more energy and protein for pregnant ewes and good milk yields in lactating ewes. With their high energy content, high-energy (HE) sheep pellets ensure that energy requirements are covered at the end of gestation even if the feed intake falls.

Lamb rearing pellets: Compound feed for outstanding development into a strong ewe. These pellets are perfect for young lambs during the early and pasture periods, but are also excellent as a concentrate feed for lactating ewes. Their unique formulation guarantees a good energy and protein supply. This very tasty feed produces outstanding physical development, enabling your lambs to develop into strong ewes.

Lamb growth pellets: Outstanding compound feed for good growth rates in young lambs; also for ad-lib feeding of lambs during periods of very intensive growth. Lamb growth pellets contain additional feed components to prevent kidney stones. They are very tasty as they include a lot of starch and high-quality proteins.

Ovitop: This high-quality powder is perfect for bottle feeding. The milk remains stable for about 24 hours in a solution, making it ideal for buffer feeding in a lamb bar. Ovitop guarantees that your lambs will grow well and safely. Ovitop is available in 10 and 25 kg bags.

Capri-Ovi: Capri-Ovi is suitable for automatic drinkers and restricted feeding systems. The milk dissolves very quickly and has very good flow characteristics in the drinker. Capri-Ovi is available in 25 kg bags.

Schapen-Fit bucket: The Sheep-Fit bucket is perfect for supplementing the vitamin and mineral status of your sheep. When lactating ewes are grazing, it definitely makes sense to supply additional vitamins / minerals.


Colostrum quality and intake of sufficient colostrum are essential factors in getting lambs off to a good start. It is very important for lambs to drink enough high-quality colostrum during the first hours after birth. This lays the right foundation for a strong, well-developed ewe.

Smikkelmix: a delicious mixture for good lamb growth

It is advisable to start feeding Smikkelmix at an early stage while lambs are still suckling. Smikkelmix promotes rumen development and maintains the good growth rates initiated during the first weeks.



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